Interactive Teach-back Learning Module


The Interactive Teach-back Learning Module has two parts:

  • It describes teach-back and demonstrates its effectiveness as a health literacy intervention to improve patient-provider communication.
  • Video and interactive self-assessment questions enhance, confirm, and reinforce your ability to use teach-back and integrate it into your clinical practice.

The Module takes about 45 minutes, and enables you to identify and practice key aspects of teach-back. You will follow a patient’s experience from hospital discharge through the home health and primary care follow-up settings: 

  • Introduction, description, and demonstration of ideal use of teach-back.
  • Teach-back during hospital discharge.
  • Teach-back during a home health visit.
  • Teach-back at primary care physician follow-up.
  • Tying it all together to Always Use Teach-back!

If you do not finish, you can save your place and return to complete the module.

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