Toolkit Use Restrictions


You, as a third party, may use the Always Use Teach-back! Toolkit materials (or “materials”), although there are restrictions on how you may use it.  We believe use of these materials can add significant value to provider/patient relationships, help individuals and organizations improve their use of teach-back, and promote development of health literate healthcare organizations. Therefore we want to promote broad use of the Teach-back! Tookit materials.

 Conditions for Use

Non-Commercial Use

You may use any of the Teach-back Toolkit materials for non-commercial use, and you may consider this your express permission to do so, with appropriate acknowledgements (see below).  Non-commercial use includes, but is not limited to, personal use by students, providers, administrators, employees, volunteers, or contractors working therewith or acting as such; distribution of the materials to students, providers, administrators, employees, volunteers, or contractors working therewith or acting as such; and distribution of the materials within educational settings.  Basically, you can use the Teach-back Toolkit materials for any use not associated with commercial gain.

 Commercial Use

The Teach-back Toolkit materials may not be used directly for commercial gain in any way without express permission from us.  For example, you may not distribute or transfer the materials in exchange for monies or equivalents.  As an exception, however, you may provide or display the materials at an event for which a fee is charged, so long as the Teach-back Toolkit is not the only, or major, material provided at the event.  You may not use any of the names or logos of our partners (listed at the bottom of the materials) to endorse any commercial resource or event without express permission from us.  We are happy, however, to explore ideas for the development of commercial activity and innovation, so feel free to contact us if you would like to develop commercial resources or events.  Feel free to contact us also if you have questions about identifying commercial and non-commercial use.


When using the Teach-back Toolkit, you must include the following citation (Abrams MA, Rita S, Kurtz-Rossi S, Nielsen G. Always Use Teach-back! Toolkit. 2012, along with the Always Use Teach-back! logo ( ).  You may also add your own logo to the materials if you so desire, but you must always include the above citation and logo.  An exception may be made if the distribution of the material is on a medium that is so small that the entire citation will not fit (e.g., a pocket card that reminds people to use Teach-back).  In such a situation, the citation may be omitted, but the logo must be included.


You may not distribute the Teach-back Toolkit materials to another organization for redistribution.  For example, you may distribute the materials to anyone within your organization, but you may not distribute the materials to another organization for them to distribute to their employees.  You can, however, direct other organizations to this website where they may obtain the materials for themselves.

 No Changes to the Materials

If you want to adapt any of the Teach-back Toolkit materials for your setting (e.g., change content within the materials), you must obtain our prior approval before doing so.

Highly-Recommended to Not Split The Interactive Learning Module

The Interactive Learning Module was designed and intended to be used as a package, and we believe the full value can best be realized in this manner.  Therefore, we highly recommend that all materials in the Interactive Learning Module be used together, as packaged on this website.  The other Teach-back Toolkit materials may be used alone or as needed to supplement the Interactive Learning Module.

 Tell Us About Your Use and Success Using Teach-Back

We love feedback!  If you are using the Teach-back Toolkit, please let us know how you are using it, what you like (and don’t like) about it, any measurable success you have obtained by using the Teach-back Toolkit, and any other feedback you may have.


If you wish to contact us to discuss the above conditions or other matters related to the Teach-back Toolkit, please email [email protected]

Toolkit 3rd Party Use

Toolkit Use Restrictions

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